It started with a road trip. Our parents who grew up in New York and now resided in the mountains of Idaho wanted to experience the land that lay between. Visiting Niagara Falls, Cooperstown and Badlands as well as playing a few golf courses along the way, they happily, but anxiously arrived ten days later. With barely one foot out of the car door, my father, a perennial businessman exclaimed, “We have an idea.” And thus, NEATsheets (at that moment called the Drippy Dickie) was born.

Being a mother of three, the concept of a car napkin/bib immediately resonated. How many times had my kids spilled on themselves or my car? How many times had I spilled on myself and arrived at a school or work meeting sporting a coffee or yogurt stain? Too many.

But the true significance of NEATsheets was realized when my elegant, 97 year-old grandmother who always dressed in cashmere, silk, and high heeled shoes started to lose some of her functions. Seeing her with a stain on her sweater was heartbreaking, but the idea of a bib was worse.

My masters degree in design was going to be put to use in a way I never imagined. My goal was to create a product that was easy-to-use, attractive and dignified so that everyone from my kids to my grandmother would view it as simply, a better napkin.

In partnership with my brother Greg, NEATsheets is changing how to keep it NEAT. Our audience has grown beyond our family and friends to thousands of users. Like our parents, we embarked on a journey, with great expectations, but also anticipating wrong turns, bad weather and of course that bump in the road when spills happen. While we have a long way to go, at the end of each day reading our clients’ testimonials reinforces what we have always believed, NEATsheets is a smart idea.