Meal service delivery options for elderly

As more elderly are opting to “age at home”, the demands on adult children, spouses and loved ones to take on more meal time responsibility has increased significantly. Here are several options for elderly who can’t regularly cook for themselves or get to the grocery store. These services are available nationwide and can be tailored to meet specific needs (diets, cost, frequency of delivery, etc.). Some meals are shipped frozen, while others can be picked up hot from local senior centers.

Personal Chef to Go delivers lunches and dinners that follow the American Heart Association’s guidelines for healthy living. Meals designed for couples, singles or families also incorporate ethnic flavors such as Mediterranean, Asian or Latin American. prides itself on delivering handmade, homestyle main dishes, desserts, soups, and sides. The frozen-meal service also can accommodate special dietary needs including low-sodium, diabetic, renal, dialysis and portion-controlled diets.

BistroMD now offers its Silver Cuisine option designed to specifically address common challenges faced with aging – weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and more – while maintaining a diet that one can actually get excited about. The company believes in great tasting, natural food and serves the same high-quality meals that are eaten at one’s own dinner tables.

There are community centers and services that offer may offer in-home meal options including Meals on Wheels. Every organization is different, as some offer meal options multiple days a week, others only on the weekends, and availability of the meals may be via home delivery or at a local center.

Also, cut down on unnecessary stains and laundry during mealtime with NEATsheets, an attractive, disposable and easy-to-use option to napkins, adult bibs and clothing protectors. NEATsheets come with easy-to-use adhesive tabs that adhere to shirts and laps, and have a liquid absorbent front and liquid repellent backing. To learn more, go to