In The Moment With “The Boss”

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to see someone who never ceases to make me feel that the sixties are the new twenties. Bruce Springsteen, best know as “The Boss”, was in the Twin Cities as part of his The River Tour to celebrate (and promote) the 35th anniversary of his coming of age double album. A year north of the unofficial retirement age of 65 and 23 years older than hockey’s eldest statesmen, Jaromir Jagr, The Boss is showing no indications that he is ready and willing to hang up the guitar and harmonica any time soon.
When we arrived at the arena an hour early for the 7:30pm show, the person scanning our tickets gave our group a wry smile as he told us not to expect the concert to end anytime before 11pm. We nodded politely and on our way down to general admission, which is standing only, we laughed a nervous laugh realizing that we would be on our feet for the next four-plus hours.
Well, if you have ever been to a Springsteen concert, one truth is that you know you will get your moneys worth. Another truth is that is you will be blown way by the raw energy and enthusiasm that Springsteen and every member of the E Street Band bring to every concert.
The Boss, who will turn 67 in September, did not disappoint playing non-stop for three and half hours, which included Springsteen body surfing from a front catwalk back to the main stage, dancing with a ninety-plus year old super fan and singing 30 plus songs, including every track from The River double album.
I admit the next day I was still mouthing the words to Rosalita, Backstreets and Born to Run as if I were back in high school with my buddies, but what had the greatest impact on me is Springsteen’s joy that he has on the stage.
Here is a guy that has been playing to sold out arenas and stadiums for over 30 years, yet you would think that he won the lottery that night (and maybe he has with the gross he pulls in from every show). For three and half hours, he cared about nothing else but the 19,000-plus fans in St. Paul. The Boss made me realize how much he enjoys the moment. Something we all need to do!