Growth Hacking, Boot Strapping & Innovating

These are three rallying cries for NEATGOODS everyday. Lets first start with “growth hacking”. This is our mindset for how we are making the world aware of NEATGOODS and our first product launch, NEATsheets™. Instead of defaulting to the traditional tools to market NEATsheets™, we are focused on being highly targeted, utilizing tools that allow us to read and respond to results immediately, and getting to as many of the right people as possible to try NEATsheets™. We are confident that once people try NEATsheets™, they will become an everyday product that one has on the ready in their kitchen cabinet, in the glove compartment and in the travel bag.

Next is “boot strapping”. We are proud to be a part of the small business/entrepreneur’s club where bringing great, valued solutions to market is an everyday focus. We are also part of the club where every nickel matters. We are not backed by VCs or deep pocketed angel investors, but by the passion and desire of a small, scrappy, ambitious company to bring attractive, appealing and dignified products designed for seniors and caregivers. What we feel so energized by is that our core mission is not targeted at a fad, but a permanent shift in the U.S. and worldwide demographic. We are all aging, but that does not mean that we have to grow “old”.

Finally, our company is going to “win” because we are going to bring meaningful and lasting innovation to the market. NEATsheets™ is a perfect example. If you go online or visit any mass merchant or pharmacy retailer, disposable bibs and adult bibs are defined by undignified and unattractive options that are only used because the alternative is a stained shirt or pants. On the flip side, NEATsheets™ delivers on needed function during meal time, in the car, at the park, etc. but in an attractive, dignified way. We are not yet saying to “short” laundering and dry cleaning stocks, but you can count on NEATGOODS being around for the long term!