Our Wild Ride So Far In 2016!

2016 has been a wild ride so far for NEATGOODS. As much as we have prided ourselves in a thoughtful, planful approach in launching our business, we have been thrust into warp speed in the past several weeks. First, we welcomed aboard Grisha, a terrific sales and marketing professional who has brought to us fantastic energy, perspective and new ideas. Of most importance, Grisha will be key “feet on the streets” for NEATGOODS as we strive to get placement in senior facilities in the Upper Midwest and beyond.

Next was us receiving our first shipment of NEATsheets at our warehouse. It was a “wow” moment to see several pallets of our NEATsheets, knowing that years of consideration and development was real…and that now we have the opportunity to allow everyone to keep it neat!

One thing that we continued to struggle with is what could be a spark to help us launch our terrific product. It just so happened that the largest expo in Minnesota targeted at management level executives of senior living facilities was being held in St. Paul in early February. So as of late January, we signed up for the expo and threw on our jet propulsion packs. We completed a terrific photo shoot, launched our website and utilized every hour to our advantage to get ourselves ready for the LeadingAge MN 2016 Expo.

Was it worth it? An emphatic yes! NEATsheets was met with an incredible response, with consistent commentary back to us that NEATsheets is the attractive, dignified solution they need for their clientele. We gave out more than 500 samples of our 5-count on-the-go pack and the number could have easily topped 700 if not for the fact that we ran out of product (learning for next time!).

We also had several people come to us towards the end of the Expo saying that we were the show stopper and that there was a buzz in the convention hall about NEATsheets.

Finally, we were passed along a great story from an attendee that the CEO of his company wore a NEATsheet at lunch the prior day to protect his white dress shirt while he ate a sloppy Italian sub. He liked the product so much that his company is considering ordering bulk quantities.

They say that starting a business is like riding a roller coaster. And it’s true. But what is most important is how you approach each twist and turn. Our goal is to truly embrace each moment!