The Better Napkin!

NEATsheets are the better solution to napkins, clothing protectors or bibs. Disposable and sanitary, NEATsheets easily adhere to shirts and laps, and are perfect for meals, barbecues, picnics, on-the-go, businesses, and caregiving. Life’s messy. Stay NEAT!

  • Attractive designs
  • Large size – 13” wide x 22” long
  • Easy-to-use adhesives
  • Disposable
  • Sanitary
  • Absorbent front/Repellent back


Life’s Messy. Keep it NEAT.

If you don’t like wearing stains, NEATsheets are the answer. They function better than a napkin and are more dignified than an adult bib. They have easy-to-use adhesive tabs, ample (13”x 22”) coverage, an absorbent front and leak-proof back, plus they are available in four attractive patterns—Khaki Gingham, Grey Dot, Red Diamond, and Blue Stripe.

“I ordered these for our barbecue wedding reception. They were awesome!
Heavy, the adhesive strips worked great, everyone used them. Thank you!”
Sheri L., Michigan

“I don’t know who benefitted more. Maybe my grandchildren or my husband.
But then again, I was the winner. No mess to clean up in the car.”
– Marnie W., Idaho

“Don’t worry about soiling that shirt, blouse, or dress again dining out again. The adhesive tabs are strong enough to last throughout your entire meal without falling down or tearing. If you have a tendency to drip food or drink on your nice clothes or are just a messy eater like me, then you will need these.”
– William T., Georgia

Man at barbecue with Red and White Diamond NEATsheet.

The Freedom to Eat NEATLY!

Ever want to take a bite without worrying where the ketchup might land? Get in the car and drive into the sunrise without the fear that your travel mug is going to leak your morning coffee on your khakis? Order take-out ramen for lunch and slurp it with full abandon? NEATsheets give you the freedom to eat NEATly.