The Freedom
To Eat Neatly!

The better solution to clothing protectors, bibs, and napkins.

NEATsheets offer a more dignified and attractive option to clothing protectors, bibs, and napkins when caring for others. Disposable and sanitary, NEATsheets easily adhere to shirts and laps, providing increased independence and lower costs to bibs and clothing protectors.

NEATsheets are widely used in:

• Senior Living Facilities

• In-Home Care

• Adult and Child Daycare

• Memory Care

• Parkinson’s Centers

• Hospice and Palliative Care

• And many others!

How to use NEATsheets™

A Dignified and Economical Solution

Use our Savings Calculator to see how much your business can save!


*The NEATsheets Savings Calculator determines the average total cost savings of NEATsheets in comparison to traditional cloth bibs. The savings for your business may differ. “Total Costs” include the industry average product, labor, laundry (for cloth bibs), and disposal (for NEATsheets) costs of traditional cloth bibs and NEATsheets.

Our Stories


My job as a caregiver takes me into the privacy of people’s homes. I get to see my client’s families, their interests, their lives. I try my best to honor their history treating them with respect and dignity. It is part of my culture, but it is also a quality that is universally appreciated.


I love my wife. All through our marriage we had big ideas, and so when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 68 I realized I could let the disease defeat our dreams or we could adapt our plans. We may not be able to make the trip to Brazil for the Olympics, but I can still fill our house with the flavors and spirit. I will care for her as long as I am able. She is meu raio de sol.


My life is full. I manage a facility with 120 fantastic seniors and I cannot imagine a day without each and every one of them. Is my job exhausting? Sure!But I can not think of much I would change. I bring stories home to my kids that make us laugh and cry. Thank goodness, because I have not had the energy to read a book since my last vacation.