Spills happen.
Stains Shouldn’t.

The better solution to napkins, clothing protectors, and bibs.

NEATsheets are perfect for delivery, takeout,
food truck meals, food festivals, and large events.

Attractive designs

Bigger than a napkin — 13” wide x 22” long

Absorbent front/Repellent back

Easy-to-use adhesive tabs

Sanitary & Disposable


How to use NEATsheets™

NEAT Options

1- & 5-Count Sample Packs

Great for food festivals, takeout,
and food trucks!

100 Count Box / 400 Count Carton

Ideal for restaurants, catered events,
and food festivals!

Custom Designed NEATsheets

Impactful and positive way
to market your business!

NEATsheets is proud to have kept events goers and judges stain free at these
and many other great food festivals throughout the U.S.:

If you would like to sample NEATsheets at your next event or explore custom options with our in-house design team, please contact us: